Whether you’re dishing out a weekday family meal or hosting a blowout holiday get-together with family and friends, make sure to top off your food presentation with good-looking serving utensils. Beautiful salad serving sets, cheese knives, spreaders, sauce ladles, or tongs will give your platters and bowls the right finishing touch and make serving food both stylish and effortless. Our Mary Jurek utensils are the handiest workhorses of our modern stainless steel collection.

Our customers love our handcrafted, meticulously finished serving utensils and often buy extras to keep on hand. You may even say they are the tools of the trade for at-home entertaining. Every delicious dish deserves to be served with stylish implements that function and handle easily. They complement a great meal and visually enhance the dining experience for your guests. Handmade by talented artisans of the finest food-grade 18/8 stainless steel these must-haves are corrosion resistant, dishwasher-safe, durable, and easy to care.

Having friends over for drinks? Make sure to have an arsenal of spreaders, cocktail forks, and cheese knives as just the thing for your guests to use. Large appetizer boards need more than a few Helyx Cheese Knives within reach for eager hands to slice, cut, and stab the delicious hard cheeses you offer. Add in a couple of Paloma Spreaders alongside the big board for the soft spreadable cheeses or hummus to slather on bread and crackers.
Our Versa Cocktail Fork 4/pc Set always finds purposeful jobs at the buffet table. These small versatile serving forks are the ideal size for picking up wedges of lemon, garnish, or cocktail onions to plop into your favorite drink. Place some next to the charcuterie board to serve up cornichons, pickled veggies, and olives with ease. When serving sushi, your guests will appreciate using the mini Versa Fork for eating delicate morsels without a mess. A boxed set makes a thoughtful hostess gift at any holiday gathering.

Every good host will agree that one of the essential tools one should never live without is a sturdy pair of tongs. Our Artica Scissor Tongs are the most convenient gadget to have at your next cocktail party. Besides grabbing ice, they are perfect for picking up hors d’oeuvres, small bites, meatballs, or pastries. The handcrafted scissor-style design with a strong hinge makes foraging the buffet table an adventure. They are really fun to use while you try balancing a glass of wine in your other hand. Just wait for the standing ovation.

One-handed tongs are a marvel and enable kids and adults young and old to serve themselves. Our bestselling Miravella Tongs crush it. They are serving implements meant for serious eats. Dinner guests will artfully serve up meat and vegetables as the platter circulates the table. With the convenient scissor handles and spoon and fork heads, one can portion, serve and transfer all manner of dishes to their plate. Use the tongs for serving pasta, salads, bread, baked potatoes, and fish entrees with finesse. Saratoga Tongs are perfect for picking up asparagus spears.

Beautifully designed serving utensils make hosting dinner easier and more elegant. You have your serving bowls and family-sized platter. Now all you need are the right serving implements to serve up the dishes. Our modernist Versa Collection offers a meat fork, vegetable spoon, pasta spoon, slotted spoon, and the all-time favorite, spring vegetable spoon with its oversized bowl. Defined by linear lines, fusing form and function, each piece has an understated mid-century style. Slender squared handles feel sturdy and well-balanced in the hand. The Versa Collection blends with all home décor from traditional, and rustic to contemporary, and dresses up your table no matter the occasion.

Salad lovers appreciate easy-handling tossers that make mixing and serving effortless. Mary Jurek’s all-stainless Helxy Salad Set with its iconic knot is a longtime bestseller. The knot is strategically positioned to hug the upper rim of the salad bowl so as not to slip down under. It is a favorite for bridal registries year after year for any young couple ready to tie the knot.
All of Mary Jurek’s salad tossers are kitchen essentials for serving up portions of greens. You will have no problem finding a set to match your existing kitchen décor to liven up the table. The Paloma Salad Set sports an eye-catching braided handle and the modernist Ibiza Set is popular among high-design lovers with its bold, geometric form. Spoon and fork tops are made of stainless steel- you never need to worry about acidic vinegar or citrus juice damaging your pieces.

Good serving utensils just make any meal more special. From gravy ladles, canapé spreaders, and olive spoons to tongs, they are handy gadgets to own. Perfectly balanced and handcrafted for a lifetime of use, Mary Jurek’s must-haves will bring effortless style to your table.