Playful yet sophisticated, our butterfly serveware adds a welcoming feel to your tabletop spread. Clean, minimalist designs and subtle use of the butterfly motif make our butterfly tableware quite versatile. It’s equally at home at a formal dinner event or a whimsical birthday party. Treat yourself to high-end serveware, or find the perfect gift for the butterfly enthusiast in your life.

Butterfly Serveware Traditionally Handcrafted With Love

These enchanting serving essentials will lift your spirits and create a jovial atmosphere for your guests. The butterfly symbolizes transformation and rebirth, making these pieces wonderful gifts for special occasions, such as weddings and baby showers. Of course, you don’t need a specific reason to use butterfly serveware. These timeless designs are always in style and suitable for all your entertaining needs.

These products are as practical as they are beautiful. Both sets—salt and pepper and cream and sugar—will delight anyone who picks them up. The bottle chiller is a must for all sorts of celebrations, keeping your bubbly beverage chilled until it’s time to pop the cork. Masterfully handcrafted using traditional techniques, each piece in this collection is an heirloom-quality work of art to treasure for a lifetime and pass down to the next generation.

If this butterfly serveware has captured your fancy, you may also appreciate the nature-inspired pieces in our Animal and Gingko collections.

Enhance Your Home With Upscale Serveware

You’ll never need to replace our serveware. Besides having a life cycle of 100+ years, stainless steel is visually stunning and requires no polishing or upkeep of any kind. Simply wash it in the dishwasher or by hand when you’re done. Besides looking lovely, our butterfly tableware has a great balance, heft, and handfeel. Our products are also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Little details can have a big impact on your home décor, and in turn, your overall quality of life. Allow our butterfly serveware to bring you joy with every use. Explore our collections for more elevated takes on household essentials. Take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $100, and sign up for our newsletter for a 10% discount.

Whether you’re commemorating life’s transformative moments or enjoying a relaxing meal with the family, our butterfly pieces will enhance your experience. Shop exquisite, handcrafted serveware at Mary Jurek Design.