For a home that evokes the spirit of generosity and hospitality, you need a kitchen and table that’s well-stocked with serveware of the highest quality.

With a few stainless steel serving bowls on hand, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful meals with family and friends. Enhance your everyday life with purposeful and durable metal bowls designed for timelessness and versatility. We craft our designer bowls with you in mind – it’s our priority to make our items useful in multiple situations, easy to care for, and of the highest quality.

Beautiful Stainless Steel Serving Bowls

Our stainless steel bowls are perfect for any get-together. For holidays, weeknight family meals, and special occasions, serve your food and decorate your table in an appealing, wonderfully-designed way. Complete your tabletop with pitchers and utensils crafted with care and sustainability in mind. Take a look at our popular scalloped-edge Blossom Bowl collection for serving bowls that are designed with a modern aesthetic.

Avoid the over-use of paper and plastic in your home with stainless steel serving bowls that prevent bacterial growth and are 100% recyclable. Our metal bowls will last a lifetime of use, making these items durable, food-safe, and eco-friendly.

Sustainable, Well-Designed Tableware

For dependable, multipurpose, and beautifully-designed tableware that stands the test of time, shop Mary Jurek Design. From designer bowls to modern barware, our stainless steel products are meant for modern hosts who appreciate thoughtful design and minimalist home décor.

Make memories and share wonderful experiences with friends and family alike. Incorporate well-designed décor and materials into your hosting experience with our tableware. Our items suit all visual tastes -display our serving bowls in your modern, traditional, or minimalist home.

Browse our designer collections and shop Mary Jurek Design today.

FAQs: Bowls

Can I wash stainless steel serving bowls in a dishwasher?

Before washing metal bowls in a dishwasher, check the manufacturer’s care instructions. All 100% stainless steel bowls made by Mary Jurek Design are dishwasher-safe. Bowls with other materials, such as brass or nickel plating or wooden handles, should only be washed by hand.

What are some ways I can use stainless steel bowls?

Our designer bowls are meant to be versatile, so there’s really no limit to how you can incorporate them into your daily routine! Of course, they’re perfect for serving all types of food, but that’s just the start.

Try using our stainless steel serving bowls as part of your home decorating. For example, filling them with seashells, marbles, stones, buttons, or potpourri is a simple way to add a splash of personality to any space.

Are stainless steel bowls food safe?

Always check with the manufacturer to ensure that the product is made from food-grade stainless steel. All Mary Jurek Design products are made from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

What does 18/8 stainless steel mean?

18/8 refers to the stainless steel’s grade, which is based on the amount of chromium and nickel present in the product. 18/8 steel consists of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

What are the benefits of 18/8 stainless steel?

Besides being food safe, our 18/8 stainless steel serving bowls are more durable, heat resistant, and anticorrosive than other types of stainless steel.

Do metal bowls need to be polished?

That depends on the type of metal and the manufacturer. Our stainless steel bowls with flat surfaces have brilliant mirror finishes, while our textured products have stunning lustrous finishes. Both will maintain their beauty without ever needing to be polished.

How long do stainless steel bowls last?

That depends on the quality of the stainless steel. Our stainless steel designer bowls have a life cycle of 100 years.

Are stainless steel bowls environmentally friendly?

Check with the manufacturer. Our stainless steel serving bowls are 100% recyclable and sustainable.

How long do stainless steel bowls take to make?

Many stainless steel bowls are made rapidly in factories, but traditional craftsmanship takes significantly longer. Our bowls are individually and meticulously made by hand — one 15” bowl takes six hours to make.

Where can I learn more?

Learn more here: Four Reasons Why We Love Stainless Steel. If you have any more questions about metal bowls, please feel free to get in touch.