About Our Luxury Bowls & Bowl Sets

No matter how many serving salad bowls you have on hand, it’s never enough. Every well-stocked kitchen needs a good assortment in different sizes and shapes that are non-breakable. In our opinion, a table filled with plenty of serving bowls is one that evokes the spirit of generosity and joy.

The best-selling Mary Jurek handmade 18/8 stainless steel serving bowls have become modern tableware essentials in discerning homes for more than 22 years. Individually crafted by skilled artisans each piece elicits a unique character of its own. The timeless appeal of the organic texture of handwrought metal and its lavish weight have customers coming back for more. It feels luxurious to hold one of our hammered Luna Bowls in your hands. People tell us that’s how they experience the quality of our products.
Our minimalist all-stainless serving bowls address today’s lifestyle trends and deliver the best in modern design. Simple, clean lines and understated style celebrate form + function. Serveware basics that are multi-use and beautiful enhance everyday life. No-fuss, easy-care metal lessens the wear-n-tear of at-home entertaining. Dishwasher safe, food-safe, sustainable, no polishing bowls make clean up a snap and continue to be favorites on bridal registries worldwide.

Enjoying a meal with family and friends, grazing along a kitchen island with drinks, or entertaining buffet-style all call for purposeful, durable bowls to present food in an appetizing way. Our small hand-hammered Fidelia 5” Square Bowl is perfect for salsas, olives, condiments, nuts, and dips. At a cocktail party, our acid-resistant, non-corrosive metal bowls hold lemon and lime wedges ready for your mixed drinks. You will find endless ways to use these small vessels and it is a good idea to have a spare stack around for backup.
Medium-sized bowls are great for weekday Chinese takeout dinners. Eating General Tsao’s chicken in an artisanal-crafted stainless bowl really kicks it up a notch. The metal retains temperatures better and is more hygienic than the paper carton with its red pagoda on the side. With little extra effort, you will feel like you participated in a traditional meal in the style and comfort of your own home in an eco-friendly way.

For those big holiday get-togethers, go as large as possible and you will never regret it. Stainless steel bowls have another super advantage. They are unbreakable and chip-proof not like your expensive ceramic or porcelain tableware that crack and shatter easily.
Select the free-form scalloped edge Blossom Bowl from our collection to make the party happier and more abundant. Filled with salad green greens, creamy pasta dishes, or a bounty of vegetables, it will get the taste buds roaring. When your party is over, this large modernist bowl makes the ideal centerpiece, or set it on a countertop filled with fresh fruit to enjoy its beauty every day.

The outstanding benefits of stainless steel drive our mission to offer practical, well-designed tableware products to you for a lifetime of use. It is our metal of choice as we believe it outperforms all others for food safety and durability. You can store leftover food in the freezer or fridge without worry. The strength of stainless prevents bacterial growth and it is 100% recyclable. As a green product, stainless steel responds to our social awareness and urgent need to protect the environment.

Our modernist aesthetic blends seamlessly with all home décor items from traditional to modern. The different collections praise stainless steel qualities with innovative design accents crafted by our artists. Opus Collection boasts whimsical hand-knotted handles, Omega has its iconic ring and Sierra 3 Bowl Set contrasts shiny metal with warm acacia wood in mid-century modern style. Good, functional design to celebrate the art of everyday living.

The sleekest collection, Northstar appeals to high-design modernists enthusiasts. Abstract profiles with high polish interiors make stunning coffee table accents. Contemporary décor is the ideal setting for the dramatic contrast of the textured black nickel exterior of the styles. Give the guy in your life a Northstar Crescent Bowl to hold his wallet and keys for safekeeping as the best gift ever.

The Mary Jurek bowl collection also includes a chic Beluga Caviar Server, oversized Ibiza Double-Walled Bowl, and items with other natural materials. Our Ginkgo Long Oval Bowl is made of hand-hewn, responsibly sourced acacia wood accented with stylized leaf handles. The powerful, thick-walled bowl makes an eye-catching statement in any tasteful home. Rustic chic at its best.

Add a touch of class with the warm glow of brass to your home décor items. The Butterfly Bowl is sculptural and elegant as a hostess gift. El Dorado and Helios Brass Bowls pay tribute to timeless forms. A foot rim base accents their elegant profile with fine micro-hammering texture. All brass items are finished with an anti-tarnish coating for a lasting shine.

All of our products are enduring, dependable, and low-maintenance. From the smallest size for nuts and snacks to large salad bowls that can feed a crowd, any of our Mary Jurek designer bowls will become favorites to enjoy year after year.