Our Omega collection features modern designer tableware with a powerful, ancient symbol incorporated into their designs. Hand-hammered stainless steel gives this eco-friendly tableware a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, while the streamlined shapes and clean lines complement minimalist home décor. Treat yourself to exquisite serveware, or find the perfect gift for anyone with discerning taste.

Hand-Hammered Designer Tableware

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, so these lovely pieces can be interpreted to symbolize closure and finality. The omega motif isn’t just beautiful and meaningful; the O handles are strategically placed to feel superb in hand. Handcrafted out of stainless steel, this designer tableware has a very nice weight to it. And with a life cycle of over 100 years, these pieces will become treasured heirlooms that stay in the family for generations.

The bowls in this collection are quite versatile. Use them to serve dry snacks or display condiments and sauces for the main course. The water pitcher and the gravy bowl will add a touch of class to casual and formal dinner get-togethers. The Omega paperweight is a perfect gift for any special occasion.

If you appreciate the omega handles in this collection, we invite you to peruse our Opus and Helyx collections for more pieces that incorporate practical beauty into their designs.

Shop Eco-Friendly Serveware

Our designer tableware is dishwasher-safe, food-safe, anti-corrosive, and requires no polishing to maintain the stunning mirror finish. Additionally, our stainless steel products are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and 100% recyclable. Masterfully handmade by highly skilled artisans who work at family-owned factories, this eco-friendly tableware also aligns with our social values, and yours.

Unique yet elegant, our Omega pieces will surely add beauty and excitement to any indoor or outdoor tabletop spread. Pictures simply can’t do these products justice. To hold them is to understand the time, effort, and attention to detail that makes Mary Jurek Design serveware peerless works of art. We encourage you to browse all our designer tableware to find the pieces that speak to you.

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How can I tell if designer tableware is environmentally friendly?

When shopping for eco-friendly tableware, research the materials and manufacturing process. Our products are environmentally friendly because we use stainless steel that’s 100% recyclable and sustainable, and we employ traditional handcrafting methods with a much smaller carbon footprint than large factories.

Will a dishwasher damage my stainless steel tableware?

Not all stainless steel tableware is dishwasher safe, so always check with the manufacturer beforehand. Because we use high-grade stainless steel, our 100% stainless steel products are more than durable enough to withstand heavy dishwasher cycles.

Some of our designer tableware, serveware, and flatware are accented with other materials, such as wood, buffalo horn, leather, brass, or nickel plating. These should be washed by hand.

How often do I need to polish stainless steel tableware?

Our stainless steel products will stay beautiful for decades without any polishing! If you notice any mild discolorations or fingerprints, you can restore the piece to pristine condition using a quick wipe with a soft cloth and stainless steel polish.

Does stainless steel tableware rust?

Because we use high-grade 18/8 stainless steel highly resistant to all types of corrosion, you can depend on our designer tableware to remain rust-free.

What does 18/8 stainless steel mean?

Stainless steel is graded based on the amount of other alloys present. 18/8 means the stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel—the ideal ratio used for food and beverage products. Besides being the best choice for making beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly tableware, 18/8 stainless steel is also resistant to extreme heat, germs, and corrosion.

How long does it take to make stainless steel tableware?

That depends on the level of craftsmanship used to make the piece. Some factories churn out tableware by the second. In stark contrast, we craft our designer tableware by hand using painstaking traditional techniques.

For example, one 15” bowl requires roughly six hours of work to complete. The difference in quality between mass-produced items and our handcrafted products is night and day!

Is stainless steel tableware heavy?

A stainless steel item’s weight says a lot about its overall quality. Many manufacturers make their products thin or hollow to reduce manufacturing costs. Our luxurious tableware boasts a very pleasant heft, balance, and handfeel that emanates quality.

What are some unique ways I can use stainless steel tableware?

Our designer tableware can be repurposed in a variety of ways—get creative with it! You might be surprised by the ideas that come to mind if you think outside the box.

A gravy bowl from our Omega collection is a Thanksgiving table staple, but it would also look gorgeous if used as a planter filled with herbs all year round. Similarly, the water pitcher doubles as a lovely vase for flowers. The snack bowl sets are perfect for serving treats, but you could also put them out as a catchall for your jewelry, keys, and other trinkets.

As you browse our eco-friendly tableware, consider their beauty as décor—not just their traditional functions. 

For example, the radiant, golden designer tableware from our Helios collection would be right at home when used to decorate a bedroom with a Hollywood Regency interior design style. Items from our Durango collection would complement a Southwestern living room. Don’t feel limited to the table!