Stainless steel ice scoops are the perfect companion pieces to our ice buckets. These home bar ice scoops are essential for special occasions, ensuring drinks are always served chilled. Besides giving your cocktail parties an elegant touch, ice scoops are a sanitary solution that prevent the transfer of germs. Functional and beautiful — what’s not to love?

Elegant Stainless Steel Ice Scoops

Ice scoops may not be the most glamorous tool in your wet bar, but they really do make every drink so much more luxurious. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that elevate one’s lifestyle. Our ice scoops are traditionally handcrafted using high-grade 18/8 stainless steel that’s food-safe, anticorrosive, and easy to care for.

Ice scoops are frequently overlooked when planning get-togethers. Whether you’re serving evening aperitifs at a dinner soirée or preparing a self-serve cocktail spread at a wedding, no guest should be forced to handle ice by hand. Having stainless steel ice scoops at home simply elevates the ritual of making your own cold beverages.

Details matter. If you’re hosting a party or looking for ways to upgrade your wet bar, explore our exquisite barware, utensils, and pitchers. Our high-end basics are made to last a lifetime and be passed down for the next generation to enjoy.

Shop Sustainable Hosting Essentials

Like all Mary Jurek Design products, these home bar ice scoops are made with sustainable, responsibly sourced materials and are 100% recyclable. Caring for them is a breeze — wash 100% stainless steel pieces in your dishwasher, and hand-wash any items with other materials. These stainless steel ice scoops will retain their stunning finishes with no polishing required.

Our philosophy is that high-quality home goods should never need to be replaced unless they’re misplaced. With a life cycle of 100 years, these ice scoops will be part of so many wonderful experiences and memories. Invest in quality that lasts.

Place an order over $100, and we’ll be happy to provide complimentary shipping. For a 10% discount, sign up for our newsletter. After selecting your favorite ice scoops, be sure to shop our collection of ice buckets to complete the presentation. Celebrate any and every occasion in style with exquisite stainless steel ice scoops by Mary Jurek Design.