Perfect for special occasions or just because, our Symphony collection features colorful tableware bursting with energy and personality. Heart shapes and lovely hues like pink orchid and scarlet red are always welcome on Valentine’s Day, but this colorful serveware is a delight all year round. Create a romantic tabletop spread, or add a festive splash of color to any room.

Colorful Tableware Handcrafted With Love and Care

Inspired by the captivating work of 19th century designer Peter Carl Fabergé, these amorous pieces capture the eye and spark joy with every use. Each functional work of art is meticulously and traditionally made by hand, resulting in colorful tableware that looks as amazing as it feels. Crafted from the highest quality etched stainless steel finished with vibrant enamel, these luxe basics will last a lifetime.

The products in our Symphony collection are composed of casual essentials that exude elegance. An ideal way to serve all sorts of sweet treats, we recommend procuring the full trio — each piece harmoniously complements the next. If you adore these products, you may also wish to explore our Colored Metals collection, as well as the whimsical serveware in our Animal and Butterfly collections.

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Like everything we make, this colorful tableware is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. It’s also 100% recyclable and easy to care for — wash all products from our Symphony collection by hand. Polishing isn’t necessary to maintain the lustrous finish. These are durable, well-made items to cherish for life and keep in the family.

Whether you’re orchestrating a lavish party or a casual get-together with loved ones, the colorful serveware from our Symphony collection is sure to please even the most discerning maestros of entertainment. Like listening to your favorite sonata, this colorful tableware will soothe the soul and enchant the heart.

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