The Northstar collection features contrasting stainless steel and black tableware with minimalist and abstract profiles. Sleek and sophisticated, this black serveware makes a statement without overshadowing the rest of your tabletop spread. An ideal complement to contemporary home décor, this ultramodern collection is sure to please anyone with a keen eye for design and detail.

Handcrafted Black Tableware

Each and every Mary Jurek Design piece is a functional work of art. Black nickel plated and crafted using the finest materials and traditional techniques, these are heirloom-worthy household essentials made to last a lifetime. Polaris—the North Star for which the collection is named—represents purpose, guidance, direction, stability, and dependability. This black tableware offers the same beautifully immutable qualities.

The stylish texturing on these pieces isn’t only for aesthetics. They feel fantastic in the hand, offering exceptional comfort with every use. A versatile option for any occasion, the Northstar collection seamlessly blends clean lines with avant-garde shapes for a bold yet elegant look that will always be in style. If this hand-textured metalworking has caught your eye, you may also appreciate our Core and El Dorado collections.

Shop Environmentally Responsible Serveware

Stainless steel is our preferred medium for a myriad of reasons. Besides its timeless beauty, stainless steel is food-safe, dishwasher-safe, and incredibly easy to care for (no polishing necessary). But those aren’t the only reasons to purchase this black tableware. Stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, naturally sustainable, anti-corrosive, and has a life cycle of 100 years. Simply put, this is the last serveware you’ll ever need to buy.

This chic black serveware would make a fine addition to any modern space and would be especially poignant placed in a minimalist or industrial home. Explore our other collections for complementary pieces to cherish for life. Subscribe to our newsletter for 10% off your purchase, and be sure to take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $100. Let intuition be your guide as you select black tableware from our Northstar collection.