*ALL shipments are insured up to $50-$100 (depending on delivery service) and are sent out with an accompanying tracking number via e-mail*

Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more

At Mary Jurek Design, Inc. We strive for an easy and positive customer experience. This is why we offer a no-strings-attached free shipping option for orders that are $100 or more throughout the continental U.S.

There are no handling or service fees. Simple. Easy. Free.

What is Signature Required & Insurance?

Simply put, our Free Shipping option, while extremely convenient for our customers, is not the most cost-effective way of delivering products across the country. It is for this reason, that all products shipped via Free Shipping are delivered via basic, no-frills delivery services.

However, we want to give our customers the option to better ensure their package makes it to the right hands. This is why we offer the ability to insure your package for its full value, along with a required signature upon delivery for a flat rate of only $5 per item.