Those seeking designer serveware that exudes natural beauty would do well to peruse our ginkgo collection. This artistic tableware features a ginkgo leaf motif that adds an elegant touch to indoor or outdoor dining experiences. Smooth lines and fluid shapes make these pieces understated yet compelling. Enhance your own home, or give a loved one an heirloom to treasure forever.

Timeless Designer Serveware Crafted by Hand

Commonly found in Asian decorative arts, the ginkgo leaf design is quite pleasing to the eye, but that’s not the only reason to love these pieces. Ginkgo trees can live longer than 3,000 years, so it’s no surprise that their leaves are an enduring symbol of resilience, longevity, strength, and hope. Every time you use this designer serveware, be reminded of Mother Nature’s boundless gifts, as well as the power of the human spirit.

We strive to elevate household basics. From our bowls to our utensils, every piece is a functional work of art. Enjoy the lavish look of shimmering stainless steel on its own or contrasted with responsibly sourced acacia wood. Each piece complements the next, so you can create a cohesive spread that showcases all your culinary creations. If the contrasting wood and stainless steel aesthetic appeals to you, find similar pieces in our Sierra collection.

Shop Heirloom Pieces

Besides being visually striking, our designer serveware is dishwasher-safe, anti-corrosive, requires no polishing, and feels fantastic in hand. All wood we use is sourced responsibly, and stainless steel is a naturally sustainable and recyclable material. Additionally, our products are handmade by highly skilled artisans at family-owned factories. Own artistic tableware that aligns with your values.

Use timeless serveware and tableware that will never go out of style. Mary Jurek Design products are made to last a lifetime—invest in essentials that will be part of many wonderful memories with family, friends, and guests. Take advantage of free shipping on orders over $100, and subscribe to our newsletter for a 10% discount. Celebrate nature’s splendor every time you use designer serveware from our ginkgo collection.