The Silhouette collection boasts everyday tableware with striking profiles that seduce the eye and feel superb in the hand. Beautifully scalloped serving bowls, trays, and serving sets with meticulously shaped forms—functional art to cherish as family heirlooms. Blending geometric designs with a hint of art deco glamor, these modernist pieces would be a lovely addition to any contemporary home.

Everyday Tableware Crafted by Hand

Lovingly and individually made by hand, these high-end basics feature rounded, scalloped tufts that beg to be touched. Mirror finishes require no polishing to maintain their radiant aura. Caring for our products is a breeze—simply wash them in your dishwasher. This is versatile, everyday tableware for any and every occasion. Invest in quality essentials that never go out of style.

Flaunt your finest culinary creations with a scalloped serving tray or bowl that enhances presentation without stealing the spotlight. Savor your daily coffee ritual with a cream and sugar set that will add a touch of elegance to every morning sip. If you’re intrigued by the unique textures, fascinating shapes, and intricate detailing found in our Silhouette collection, you may also find appealing pieces in our Ibiza, Paloma, and Helios collections.

Enhance Your Home With High-End Basics

Our goal is to bring you elevated versions of everyday tableware, serveware, flatware, and other practical items. Besides offering timeless designs, peerless craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to detail, our stunning pieces are environmentally responsible. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and it’s also anti-corrosive, dishwasher-safe, and easy to care for. With a life cycle of 100 years, these durable pieces will be part of so many wonderful occasions and memories.

Once you hold a scalloped serving bowl or tray by Mary Jurek Design, you’ll understand the difference. Our products have an excellent balance, heft, and handfeel, and the ergonomic scalloping is truly a pleasure to handle. We firmly believe that everyday tableware shouldn’t need to be replaced unless it’s misplaced. Invest in quality, and use it for life.

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