Stainless steel serving trays and platters are the perfect blank canvas, tastefully showcasing your culinary creations without stealing the show. Our understated designs are always elegant and refined, instantly elevating the presentation of all types of meals and appetizers. Each of our timeless serveware pieces is individually crafted by hand using traditional techniques. Discover the beauty of traditional craftsmanship!

Artisanal Stainless Steel Serving Trays

Trays and platters are the workhorses of the kitchen and dining room. Endlessly versatile and functional, they can be used for everything from breakfasts in bed to ornate dinner parties.

However, all trays and platters are not created equal. We create heirloom-quality serveware that’s made to provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Sustainable, food-safe, dishwasher-safe, recyclable, and anti-corrosive, these are the last trays and platters you’ll ever need to buy.

Whether entertaining a house full of guests or sitting down to dinner with the family, our serveware and tableware will add a touch of sophistication to your spread and cuisine. Complement your stainless steel trays with more high-end serveware by Mary Jurek Design, such as bowls, barware, pitchers, and utensils. Invest in stainless steel home decor with a life cycle of 100 years.

Shop Exquisite Serveware at Mary Jurek Design

Feel good about using environmentally friendly stainless steel serving trays and platters. Mary Jurek Design is a socially conscious brand that cares about our impact on the planet and its people. We make our products the old-fashioned way—by hand, with love. You don’t have to compromise your convictions to own exquisite luxury goods. Buy our eco-friendly pieces once, and use them for life.

Pictures simply can’t do our stainless steel trays and platters justice. Besides their stunning looks, our serveware has a great heft and hand feel that you’ll appreciate with every use. Hosting is an honor, and meals are where memories are made. Your serveware and tableware are part of that wonderful tradition, so use the best!

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