Add visual excitement to your spread with colored metal serveware. Shimmering brass, understated black nickel, warm copper, and muted gold tone hues allow you to mix and match metal tableware to create your ideal aesthetic. Abstract, free-form designs with clean profiles make for compelling works of art that double as functional serveware. Enjoy elevated basics that are made to last.

Traditionally Handcrafted Metal Serveware

Our products are individually created by hand. Master artisans use traditional crafting techniques that demand an incredible amount of time and effort, as well as extraordinary skill. The results are worth it. Those with a discerning eye will appreciate the exemplary attention to detail that goes into our colored metal serveware. These are heirlooms meant to be cherished and kept in the family.

Featuring pieces from our Northstar, El Dorado, Helios, and ARROYO collections, this eclectic compilation has something for all tastes and any occasion. Magnificent brass makes for an opulent dining experience full of splendor and panache. On the other hand, our black nickel offerings are a fine choice for the minimalist household, providing a sophisticated style that blends industrial and avant-garde design elements. Our trio of multi-colored bowls adds a subtle splash of color to your table.

Browse More Eco-Friendly Serveware

Timeless designs and exceptional quality make our metal serveware truly peerless. Beyond that, each piece meets our rigid standards for environmental and social awareness. We make metal tableware that’s meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime. It only stands to reason that your keepsakes should align with your values.

We encourage you to explore all our collections. There are so many unique designs waiting to be discovered and welcomed to your home. High-quality serveware becomes infused with wonderful memories over the years. We’re honored to be part of your story. Select your favorite pieces, and enjoy free shipping on your purchase over $100. For a 10% discount, sign up for our newsletter. Make every meal a celebration with colored metal serveware by Mary Jurek Design.