Our round serving trays are both practical and beautiful. We lovingly craft our designer round trays by hand using the finest stainless steel, as well as other upscale materials, such as responsibly sourced leather and acacia wood. Use these versatile trays for any and every occasion — from serving meals on holidays to elevating your home décor all year round.

Traditionally Crafted Round Serving Trays

We create timeless household essentials that inspire joy with every use. Our products are carefully crafted by hand. We use traditional techniques that demand peerless skill and a significant amount of time and effort, but we refuse to compromise our vision. Each piece is a functional work of art and an heirloom that will last a lifetime.

Round trays are workhorses in the kitchen and dining room, but they can still bring an air of elegance and beauty to your tablescape. Beyond their countless applications in culinary settings, these trays are also helpful around the house, holding everything from your favorite dry snacks to your wallet and keys.

Our round serving trays can also be used as a tasteful base to showcase vases of flowers, sculptures, knick-knacks, framed photos, and anything else you want to display. Get creative with them!

Shop Designer Round Trays

We invite you to explore all our serving trays and platters to find the pieces that capture your eye and complement your space. We also offer a wide variety of handmade bowls that would pair beautifully with your new designer round trays.

Feel good about owning environmentally and socially responsible products that are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Our round serving trays are also easy to care for — there’s no need to polish them to maintain their lustrous finishes.

High-quality goods only need to be purchased once. Not only will our trays and platters hold up to regular use, but they’ll never go out of style. With a life cycle of 100 years, these trays will be part of your family’s enduring history — meaningful, memory-infused treasures that you can pass down to your kin.

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How can I use designer round trays for decorating?

Boasting timeless style and endless versatility, these round serving trays can be repurposed as décor throughout any space—they’re not just for the kitchen and dining room! Here are some ideas to spark inspiration.

  • Place a round tray on a countertop, table, desk, or shelf, and use it as a convenient catchall for keys, change, jewelry, wallets, and other everyday accessories. 
  • Use a round tray as a base for other decorations, such as vases, potted plants, candles, small statues, framed photos, or antique knick-knacks.
  • Keep a tray on your coffee table to hold and organize books, magazines, remote controls, and any other clutter-causing items. 
  • Use round serving trays to create a compact bar station with barware, glassware, and spirits. Similarly, you could use decorative trays to hold your coffee or tea accessories.

How should I wash serving trays?

Proper care depends on the tray’s manufacturer and material. All Mary Jurek Design trays and platters made from 100% stainless steel can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand. Trays with other materials, such as wood or brass, should only be washed by hand. Leather trays should be hand-wiped only.

Do I need to polish my stainless steel trays?

All Mary Jurek Design products made from stainless steel don’t require any polishing to maintain their lustrous finishes. If you want to restore our stainless steel round serving trays to like-new condition, you can use stainless steel polish and soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or mild discolorations, but it’s not required.

Are stainless steel designer round trays suitable for formal events?

Absolutely! Our stainless steel trays give you the best of both worlds—visual appeal comparable to silver, but with durability that lasts for life. These trays would elevate even the most luxurious tables at the most prestigious occasions.

Are stainless steel trays machine-made?

The vast majority of manufacturers mass-produce their stainless steel products in large factories. In contrast, we take pride in crafting our products individually by hand using traditional techniques. 

While our round serving trays do require a significant amount of time, skill, effort, and attention to detail to make, the results speak for themselves. These are functional works of heirloom-quality art.

Where can I find environmentally friendly serveware?

Most mass-produced serveware takes a toll on the planet, not only due to the materials used but because of the manufacturing process. Mary Jurek Design is a socially conscious brand that’s committed to doing our part. 

Our materials are sustainable and responsibly sourced, and our traditional crafting techniques reduce our carbon footprint. All our stainless steel products are 100% recyclable. Feel good about buying and using our round serving trays!

What’s the best kind of stainless steel for serveware?

We use high-grade 18/8 stainless steel exclusively to make these designer round trays and all our other fine serveware. It contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, the ideal ratio for culinary applications because it’s food-safe, hygienic, anticorrosive, and heat-resistant, as well as extremely durable and beautiful. 

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