Serving bowl sets are multipurpose essentials that can be used in a myriad of ways. We invite you to explore this curated collection of exquisite stainless steel bowl sets that are individually crafted by hand. Designed for timelessness and made to last a lifetime, these bowls won’t need to be replaced unless you leave them behind or give them away.

Handcrafted Serving Bowl Sets

In stark contrast to the vast majority of stainless steel serveware on the market, our products are painstakingly crafted by hand through traditional methods. While they require a tremendous amount of skill, energy, and time to complete — one 15” bowl takes six hours — the extraordinary results speak for themselves. These are heirloom-worthy bowls to treasure and pass down to your kin.

Our designs are meant to be versatile. These bowl sets can be reserved for special occasions, but they’ll elevate your tablescape or home décor all year round. Besides being an ideal vehicle for serving dry snacks at parties, these beautiful serving bowl sets can be used in unconventional ways to decorate. Fill them with potpourri, seashells, stones, marbles, buttons, and other trinkets to add warmth and personality to any space.

Shop Stainless Steel Bowl Sets

After picking out your favorite bowl sets, be sure to peruse all our products, including other bowls, as well as trays, platters, utensils and more. We proudly offer a wide variety of unique designs so you can complement or contrast your serveware with any décor style.

As an environmentally and socially responsible brand, we’re committed to making stainless steel bowl sets that are 100% recyclable and sustainable. These serving bowl sets are also food safe, anticorrosive, and easy to care for — no polishing is needed.

Purchases over $100 include free shipping, so stock up on everything you need to dazzle guests at your next get-together or enhance your everyday routine. For 10% off your order, subscribe to our newsletter. Fill your home with beauty. Shop luxe bowl sets by Mary Jurek Design.