The Sierra collection features stainless steel and wooden serveware inspired by mid-century design, but made for the modern household. The combination of wooden tableware with radiant stainless steel accents creates a lovely, bucolic feel. Traditional shapes, understated embellishments, and clean lines find the ideal balance between refined and relaxed. Elevate your home, or find the perfect gift for someone special.

Handcrafted Stainless Steel and Wooden Serveware

The Sierra collection is truly timeless. While the acacia wood conjures warm and cozy feelings one might feel when using the homey serveware of yesteryear, the minimalist designs and exquisite craftsmanship are decidedly contemporary. The contrasting materials in this collection make our stainless steel and wooden serveware visually stimulating while maintaining a sense of elegance and grace.

Outfit your home with products that enhance life’s most beautiful moments. Create a picture-perfect charcuterie spread showcased on one of our trays and platters. Add a touch of class to cocktail hour with barware basics, like a shaker, ice scoop, and ice bucket. Fill bowls with accoutrement for appetizers or the main course. Our serveware is endlessly versatile, highly functional, and always aesthetically pleasing.

Shop Eco-Friendly Serveware and More

Mary Jurek Design pieces are effortlessly stylish, exceptionally durable, and incredibly easy to care for, but that’s not all. We take pride in creating environmentally friendly, socially conscious products. Our wooden serveware is handmade from responsibly sourced acacia wood. Stainless steel is naturally sustainable and 100% recyclable. Feel good about your purchase.

At Mary Jurek Design, we never take shortcuts. Our products are meticulously crafted by hand using traditional techniques—the extra time and effort are well worth the results. This wooden tableware will never go out of style and will always be present as you make fond memories with the people you hold dear. We hope you adore the Sierra collection as much as we do.

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What are the benefits of using acacia wood to make wooden serveware?

Beyond eye appeal, we use acacia hardwood to make our wooden tableware because it’s extremely durable—tougher than oak, maple, and hickory. Acacia wood also has natural oils that make it water and bacteria-resistant.

Additionally, acacia wood is a fast-growing, renewable resource that aligns with our commitment to using sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

How should I wash wooden serveware?

While our 100% stainless steel products are dishwasher-safe, our wooden products should be washed by hand.

Is acacia wood serveware heavy?

Acacia wood is a lightweight wood that’s known for its excellent weight-to-strength ratio. That said, our wooden tableware does have a pleasant heft that exudes quality, especially products that also include stainless steel.

Is wooden serveware food-safe?

Check with the manufacturer before using wooden products in a culinary setting. Rest assured that all wooden products by Mary Jurek Design are food-safe.

Can I use your wooden products to decorate?

Our wooden tableware isn’t only for the table! These products can be repurposed in countless ways.

For example, our stylish trays and platters can be used as catchalls for your keys, phone, watch, wallet, and any other items you want to keep handy. Our pitchers make lovely flower vases. Wooden serveware brings rustic, natural charm anywhere you place it, so don’t feel limited to the kitchen and dining room.

What is 18/8 steel?

18/8 refers to the composition of the metal—18% chromium and 8% nickel.

We use high-grade 18/8 stainless steel exclusively because of its beauty, durability, hygienic properties, and resistance to corrosion and heat.

Does stainless steel serveware need polishing?

Our stainless steel products don’t require any polishing to maintain their lustrous finishes. If desired, you can use stainless steel polish and a soft cloth to remove any fingerprints or slight discolorations.

Will my stainless steel serveware rust over time?

Whether you choose wooden serveware with stainless steel accents or 100% stainless steel products, you can look forward to a lifetime of use with no rusting. 18/8 stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, so don’t worry if it gets wet.

Is acacia wood serveware in style?

Wooden tableware is truly timeless. Many interior designers recommend furnishing your space with wood to bring a touch of nature indoors.

Wood is frequently used in popular interior design styles, including mid-century modern, traditional, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean.

Acacia wood is especially desirable because of its deep, rich hue and intricate grain patterns that make each piece one-of-a-kind.

Will acacia wooden serveware damage my knives?

Acacia wood is often used to make cutting boards, not only for its natural antibacterial properties, but because it’s extremely tough and scratch-resistant while still being gentle on your kitchen tools.

Will my acacia wood products hold up to temperature fluctuations?

Acacia wood is known for its outstanding dimensional stability. This makes it extremely resistant to warping when exposed to humidity or temperature changes. That’s why acacia wood is a popular choice for flooring and furniture in areas with high humidity and extreme weather.

You can count on our wooden serveware to hold up to challenging environments.