Sleek and sophisticated, the stainless steel serving utensils from our Alta collection will complement your traditional, modern, or minimalist home décor. These versatile serveware essentials seamlessly blend form and function—their beauty stems from their elegant simplicity. Quality stainless steel serving ware will provide a lifetime of use. Enjoy the finer things in life, whether you’re dining with the family or entertaining guests.

Handcrafted Stainless Steel Serving Utensils

Stainless steel is our preferred medium, not out of necessity, but by choice. Our utensils are incredibly durable and anti-corrosive, boasting a life cycle of more than 100 years. They require no polishing to maintain their radiant mirror finishes, and they can be washed in your dishwasher.

Much more than just utilitarian tools, our stainless steel serving utensils are sure to be appreciated by those with an eye for detail and design. Each piece is meticulously handmade by master artisans. Timeless styles will never feel dated. These are heirloom-quality utensils that are meant to be infused with memories over the years and then passed down to the next generation.

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Shop Eco-Friendly Serveware

We take pride in creating elevated serveware essentials, but that’s not the only reason to shop at Mary Jurek Design. Our business practices are guided by our ethics. Like all our products, these stainless steel serving utensils are sustainable, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable. They’re made with love by artisans who employ traditional crafting techniques and work in family-owned factories.

Even the smallest details can have a big impact on your life. While your flatware may not seem like the most important part of your tabletop spread, it’s the direct connection between you and your food. With a nice heft and balance, this stainless steel serving ware feels fantastic in hand, adding that extra touch of refinement to your meals.

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How should I wash my stainless steel utensils?

Proper care depends on the quality of the product and the stainless steel used to make it. All Mary Jurek Design utensils made solely out of stainless steel can be washed in your dishwasher. If a utensil features other materials, such as wood, black nickel plating, brass, or buffalo horn, wash it by hand.

Do I need to polish my stainless steel utensils?

We use high-grade 18/8 stainless steel that doesn’t require polishing. Enjoy the beautiful finishes for many years with no maintenance. If your stainless steel serving utensils show fingerprints or mild discolorations, you can use a soft cloth and stainless steel polish to restore them to like-new condition.

What does 18/8 mean for stainless steel?

Stainless steel contains other metals—chromium and nickel. 18/8 refers to the stainless steel’s grade, which is based on the amount of each metal that’s present. 18/8 means the stainless steel has 18% chromium and 8% nickel.

Why is 18/8 stainless steel better than other grades?

Besides being beautiful and durable, 18/8 stainless steel is the ideal choice for serveware and flatware because it’s food-safe, hygienic, heat-resistant, and anti-corrosive.

How long will stainless steel serving ware last?

The lifespan of stainless steel serving utensils varies widely depending on their quality. Many mass-produced stainless steel utensils will rust or break within a month of use. Depend on all our stainless steel products to last for a century or longer.

Are all stainless steel utensils made by hand?

No, many manufacturers use machinery to produce their utensils quickly in mass quantities. We craft each piece individually by hand to ensure the highest level of quality and eye appeal. While the traditional techniques we use demand significantly more time, work, and skill, we firmly believe the results are well worth the effort. Our customers agree.

Are stainless steel utensils suitable for formal events?

Not all stainless steel serving utensils are appropriate for formal occasions, but Mary Jurek Design products will elevate even the most prestigious tablescapes. Beyond their timeless elegance, our utensils offer a very pleasant weight, balance, and hand feel that exudes quality and class.

Are stainless steel utensils good for the environment?

As a brand that focuses on social and environmental awareness, we take pride in offering stainless steel serving ware that’s 100% recyclable and sustainable. Additionally, using reusable, long-lasting stainless steel utensils naturally minimizes paper and plastic waste.

Will stainless steel utensils change the flavor of my food?

Low-grade stainless steel utensils may give food a metallic taste, especially acidic dishes, due to the higher amounts of carbon present. Our high-grade 18/8 stainless steel serving utensils are non-reactive to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Is stainless steel flatware in style?

Our products are always timeless to ensure your favorite home essentials transcend fleeting trends. Quality never goes out of style, and our versatile designs are attractive without conforming to or being influenced by passing fads.

Where can I learn more about stainless steel utensils?

Please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about any of our products. We’ll be happy to help you make an informed decision. You can also learn more about stainless steel serving utensils here: Four Reasons Why We Love Stainless Steel.