About Our Modern Stainless Steel Barware Collection

Step up at-home entertaining with modern barware and accessories designed by Mary Jurek. Bring together family and friends making every day one of celebration and fun. Give your guests a special place to relax, share memories and enjoy good conversations. Whether drinking wine, preparing a masterful cocktail, or serving non-alcoholic libations, your guests will be well-served in style.

Mary Jurek’s barware items are thoughtfully crafted. Individually made by hand in family-owned factories, talented artisans continue the tradition of fine metalworking techniques developed over many generations. With time-honored skills, luxurious barware and entertaining accessories are developed with artistic integrity and attention to detail producing items of exceptional quality standards. The designer collection is both functional and enduringly beautiful.

Using only premium materials, these bar essentials are designed for today’s lifestyle trends. As the metal of choice, high-grade 18/8 stainless steel offers ease of care, durability, FDA food-safe properties, and a lifetime of use. Anti-tarnish stainless steel promises to keep your barware items lustrous and bright year after year without polishing- and it is non-breakable. Responsibly sourced acacia wood selected for its warm color combined with hand-hammered stainless creates a stunning visual balance for a mid-century style.

The simple, minimalist style of the collection blends seamlessly with both traditional, contemporary, or mid-century home décor. The barware collection includes sought-after essentials for setting up a home bar. Favorites include cocktail shakers, double-walled ice buckets, an insulated wine chiller, scoops, and coasters. One female-owned workshop is the venerable producer of the finest handcrafted stainless steel ice tongs in the world. Our Artica Tongs continue to be best sellers for more than 20 years.

Mastering mixology is on-trend and owning a modern cocktail shaker will make you the hero of your next party. Used to shake combinations of spirits, mixers, and ice to integrate flavors together, a well-designed cocktail shaker is a must-have for a delicious-tasting mixed drink. While shaking the ingredients they are simultaneously chilling, aerating, and diluting, all to create a smooth blend of flavors. The temperature cools down to a refreshing degree and vigorous shaking creates the effervescence that adds character and velvety texture to the drink.

All Mary Jurek cocktail shakers are 3-piece “cobbler” style with a body, cap, and strainer. The cap conveniently doubles as a jigger. The 100% stainless steel body and balanced base allow for easy handling and quicker cooling of the drink before serving. The strainer catches small pieces of fruit and residue. Methods of shaking differ from person to person. Whether you shake with one hand or two, it does not matter as long as you find a technique that handles best. Our Helyx Cocktail Shaker w/Knot continues to be a modernist collectible.

Adding an eye-catching insulated stainless steel ice bucket to your home bar collection can make serving drinks hassle-free with style. Keeping guests happy means having plenty of ice cubes on hand to refresh drinks and offer second rounds. Buckets with lids are a practical choice. They maintain temperatures longer and keep the cold air inside, thus making the container self-cooling and providing longer-lasting ice. With that feature, there is less running back and forth to the freezer as glasses fill up. Double-walled ice buckets help run a party in an organized and uninterrupted way, giving you more time to enjoy your guests and less time sprinting.

A designer ice bucket adds grace and functionality to your home bar. As a strong design statement, it is a focal point in the bar area and sets the mood for your guests. The Sierra Ice Bucket with acacia wood lid is a favorite among mid-century design enthusiasts and millennials. The lustrous beauty of hand-hammered stainless steel and its iconic knot keeps our Helyx Ice Bucket a sophisticated addition to any home bar. Our ice buckets are modern design classics meticulously handmade of 18/8 stainless steel with all the benefits of a durable, dishwasher-safe, anti-corrosive material. With double-walled construction, you never need to worry about condensation on your tabletop surfaces and quickly melting ice. Easy to clean and beautiful to look at, a well-designed bucket is meant to be kept out in full view and enjoyed for many years.

For those who are looking for creative gift ideas, there are many. Young couples enjoy receiving our Paloma Wine Coaster with a hand-twisted braided wire accent. It is a handsome way to show off your favorite wine. As a gift, it is engravable or can be used on a bedside table for jewelry. Consider our Versa Olive Spoon as an unusual hostess gift for the person who has everything (but does not own an amazing spoon for the olive jar.) The Cosmo Bar Tool Set makes a cool gift item for a guy. While you are on it, check out the rustic-chic Orion Ice Scoop with a natural horn handle. With it, retrieving ice from a bucket will make your man happy and never feel like a chore.

Creating shared experiences with friends and family is the best way to create memorable moments.  Make those times even better with the artistic flair of handcrafted designs sustainable from our modern barware collection.