Let’s face it, we have so much stuff just laying around our places. From keys, phones, business cards to those little things that find their way into our pockets or purses. This is why a catchall is a must, it adds a touch of style and personality to any room while keeping you organized. 

Catchall Organization

We are huge fans of catchalls, they’re simplicity won’t clash with your style and they are super useful. Whether you put them on your entrance table, your bathroom counter, your desk, or your vanity; these versatile plates and bowls are sure to come in handy.

DLT 002 - Durango Bl Leather Oval Tray w/ Ring Handle 6" x 9" L
Handmade Durango Black Leather Oval Tray.

This is why we have created a shortlist of Mary Jurek items that make great catchalls. You can store all of your random bits and bobs on these beautiful and classy trays. 

Butterfly Brass Bowl

This elegant bright bowl will make sure you never forget your keys again, as its shimmer will be sure to draw your eye right before you walk out the door. The simple elegance of this butterfly-shaped catchall will elevate any room s in it’ as well as any of the items within it. Make sure you keep it within arm’s reach for easy convenient use. 

Paloma Oval Tray

Perfect for the bedroom, this classic-looking tray will be the perfect catchall to put all of your jewelry overnight.   Its hand-hammered details and braided edges give any room a simple touch of elegance while still being functional. It’s like having the best of both worlds. 

Ibiza Double Walled Bowl

This large geometric bowl is sure to be the center of attention due to its size and elegance. Place it on your coffee table to hold all of the items that are constantly lost, from the tv control to those wandering reading glasses. This may be our biggest catchall but that doesn’t mean it will be hard to keep clean, as with all of our stainless steel items there’s no polishing needed! 

Blossom Free Form Square Tray 

Adorned with our distinctive hand-hammered look this small will hold all of those small knick-knacks that have made a home in your pocket. It can also be a great addition to your bathroom counter, giving you a place to store your rings and other jewelry before a shower. 

Durango Black Leather Tray 

Durango Leather Tray and Catchall
Durango Black Leather Tray

For those who want something more muted, then this black leather tray is the perfect choice for a catchall. Its dark color will complement any style or decor in your house without taking attention away from your statement pieces. Besides its good looks, this tray will also keep all of your items safe. From cufflinks to keys, this catchall is sure to come in handy. 

These may only be a few of our favorite catchalls, but there are many more on our website. The versatility of our items lend themselves to be used for various purposes, and we’re sure you’ll find something that fits your style and personality.