There’s nothing like spending a meal with your family and friends, especially during the holiday season. But it can get quite hectic, from cooking all the platters to entertaining your guests As a result, setting the table can be the last thing on your mind. That’s why we have collected some of our favorite table-setting essentials.

Bottle Coasters

Paloma bottle coaster from Mary Jurek Design
Paloma Bottle Coaster 

This may not seem like a table setting essential, but almost everyone enjoys a good glass of wine. Instead of setting up a full bar which can be pretty expensive, we recommend you treat your guests with the best wine you can afford.  Wine is a great complement to appetizers and a lighter offering than mixed drinks.  A big platter of sweet and savory bits coupled with a classic Pinot Noir or a crisp Pinot Grigio is a fantastic way to greet the guests as soon as they arrive.  Nestling your wine bottles in a lovely Paloma Wine Coaster adorns them and gives the drink the respect it deserves!

Large Salad Bowl

Blossom Free Form Bowl from Mary Jurek Design
Blossom Free Form Bowl

Go as large as possible and you will never regret it.  This huge eye-catching shimmering bowl brightens any event. Its generous size will immediately draw your guests to the table ready for a delicious meal. Fill it with vibrant leafy greens, creamy pasta dishes, or a bounty of vegetables, the options are truly endless. This oversized bowl will never be without good use, on days you’re not hosting it could make the perfect dining table centerpiece or a countertop fruit bowl in your kitchen. Its versatility is what makes this bowl a table setting essential, get creative and use it for all your dinner and holiday parties.

Gravy Bowl and Underplate

Nordica Gravy Boat on a Nordica Cocktail Tray from Mary Jurek Design
Nordica Oval 2 Spout Gravy Boat with Strap Base

There’s no better time to bring out a steaming boat of gravy than during a big holiday banquet. This table setting essential will float from guest to guest filling pockets of creamy potatoes and cuts of meat with its succulent sauce. A handy underplate dish is always a good idea to catch random drips so as not to spoil the table linens. The gravy bowl, ladle, and tray are a must on any holiday table and its simple design will add a touch of elegance. 

Interesting Napkin Rings

Robin Napkin Rings

It’s all in the details! You can really set the standard on your own personal style with small delicate details.  The perfect example is our Robin Napkin Rings which will add a touch of whimsy to your table and charm your guests with your unique style. This table setting essential is a must-have for its functionality and elegant design.

Beautiful Flower Arrangement

Omega Pitcher with white flowers from Mary Jurek Design
Omega Pitcher

Don’t forget the flowers, these are always a table setting essential! Mother Nature is never far away from helping you create a beautiful floral arrangement for your party.  We love cutting small branches from evergreen bushes, long grasses, or large leaves from fruit trees to fill out any store-bought arrangement.  Depending on the placement of your flowers you’ll need to choose a suitable height. For buffet settings, you can go high and full. On the other hand, for a table centerpiece, the best rule of thumb is to keep the flowers low. You never want to obstruct conversations across the tables.

So there you have it!  Some of our favorite table setting essentials that we love using for any and all occasions. These items are practical, durable, easy to clean, and elegant enough to use for your fanciest events.