Planning a wedding is a lot of work, from choosing a venue to selecting the wedding favors. This can become overwhelming once the excitement wears off. This is why we’re here to help out by sharing our favorite wedding registry essentials.

Wedding Registry

First, we suggest leaving the wedding registry on the to-do list until after you’ve completed the most important tasks. That way, the registry can become a treat or a small prize you get once the most timely tasks are ready to go. The wedding registry is one of the most fun parts after all, so why not use it as a reward. You’ve earned it!

We’ve compiled a list of our best-selling registry essentials as these items are filling wedding registries on a daily basis. We hope they’ll soon be on yours too.

1. Lots and lots of small size bowls

We cannot keep these in stock! Our Luna Bowl 6″ and  Fidelia Square Bowl 5″ are ideal for appetizer snacks, nuts, and olives. Since they’re made with 18/8 stainless steel these bowls are acid-resistant and food-safe. You’ll be able to use these bowls on a daily basis thanks to their practicality, whether you’re keeping leftovers or dips in them. Make sure to add one or two to your wedding registry, as we’re sure they’ll be of great use.

2. One humongous salad bowl

Go as large as possible and you will never regret it.  Our large Luna Bowl 15” is a must for any dinner table thanks to its shimmering beauty. We’re sure it’ll be the center of attention on your dining table or the focal point on your counter as a beautiful fruit bowl. Its oversized shape makes it ideal for entertaining large parties or hosting holiday meals. 

3. Square or rectangular platters

Trays are the ultimate in serveware so we had to add our Aurora and Mesa Trays to this list. We’re sure these will soon become your go-to platters thanks to their sleekness, versatility, and contemporary look. This is why we recommend getting a variety of sizes, allowing you to plate everything from your favorite hors d’oeuvres, desserts, or side dishes. Easy to store and stack, you’ll be enjoying their use for many years to come. 

4. A long oval platter

Whole grilled salmon and slender stalks of asparagus need a special serving dish and our Ocean Oval Platter 19” is the perfect fit. There are countless ways to use this tray, from roasted vegetables to sliced meats. But, there’s no doubt that it is a wedding registry essential. 

5. A cake stand

Take your desserts to the next level with our Ginkgo Wood Cake Stand.  Its timeless style will have your cake looking like it came straight out of a five-star bakery.  While its added height and warm wood colors will add just the right amount of drama to any fête finale. This wedding registry essential is a must-have for any upcoming celebration.  

6. Cheese board

You and your spouse will love this cheese board so much that we suggest selecting two, or more, for your wedding registry. Our Ibiza Black Marble Tray is perfect for entertaining guests, hosting a dinner party, or simply adding a touch of elegance to dinner.  From charcuterie cheese to vibrant grapes, this tray is a registry essential. 

7. An eye-catching pitcher

All tables need a centerpiece and our Helyx Pitcher is a perfect fit. This pitcher is made with 18/8 stainless steel which means there is no fear of an acidic reaction or aftertaste. You can use it to store lemonade, margarita mix, juice, or simply water. On the other hand, you can also use this pitcher as a vase with a fresh bouquet of flowers which will brighten up any room.

8. Various serving accessories

They always say the more the merrier, and our serving accessories are proof of that. The Versa Salad Set is among our top items in many wedding registries. With good reason too, as they are essentials for any social gathering. For this reason, we recommend selecting at least two or three of them so you can be ready for any event. 

These are only a few of our top registry essentials, but there are still many among our collections that are favorites. Take a look at our website and begin making your wedding registry today.