Impress your guests with your culinary creations that are not only delicious but appetizing to look at. With our simply essential trays and platters, you will kick your creativity into high gear and have a convenient way to bring food to the table. The understated modernist style of Mary Jurek serveware offers you the perfect blank canvas to explore entertaining skills with personal style and set a beautiful table. Food looks fresh on stainless steel and other natural materials.

Mary Jurek trays are the workhorses of our stainless tableware collection meant for everyday use. Individually handcrafted by artisans, simple, clean lines celebrate form + function with easy-care, no polishing, dishwasher safe 18/8 steel. Our metal is FDA food safe, durable, sustainable and chip-proof to lessen the wear-n-tear of at-home entertaining.

Selections come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so you will find the perfect one that suits you best. Our most popular pieces are Aurora rectangular, Mesa square and Blossom free-form designs. Countless are the times you will reach for these modern, versatile shapes to give your table more function and timeless grace.

The Aurora Rectangle Tray is our bestseller. It is easy to carry and fits comfortably on crowded tables. Hosting a casual get-together with friends just got easier when you have this practical modern platter in different sizes on hand. Appetizers, crudités or sushi look beautiful on the smaller sized tray. Add a dipping bowl on top to catch drips and you have a stunning combo. For those who are limited on space at the bar, the larger Aurora Tray holds wine glasses with elegance. Use the Aurora Tray at the dining table with sliced entrees or vegetables to bring extra sparkle to the meal. Round it off as a pastry platter.

Square trays need more space but are so convenient when arranged as a colorful party platter. Arrange the minimalist Mesa Square Tray ahead of time with an assortment of fruits, snacks, canapés, or artisanal cheeses to make at-home entertaining a breeze. A large modern platter is the perfect surface for your artistic presentation that guests will talk about. Decorate and everyone will marvel at your talent as host par excellence. Another popular server is our modernist Sierra Square Tray with Wood Insert. This item takes your entertaining up a notch with its mid-century modern design. When not being used as a cheese board, the removable acacia wood insert leaves you with the best hand-hammered stainless meat platter around. Our Sierra Square Tray is a longstanding favorite year after year, loved by every new bride.

Blossom Free-Form Trays have a modernist organic flair. Constructed with a high ruffled rim, they are deeper platters so you never need to worry about sauce or juice overflowing on your tabletop. Serve one up with pasta dishes or fruit salads for your next culinary feast.

Nature expresses its beauty in our Ginkgo Collection that combines responsibly-sourced acacia wood and stainless steel. The simple, naturalistic ginkgo leaf is sensual and blends seamlessly with any home décor- traditional, rustic or modern. Serving appetizers and snacks never looked so appealing and effortless. Handcrafted by talented artisans it is ideal for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

All Mary Jurek platters and trays are entertaining basic essentials for making a home functional and stylish. When not serving food they make versatile home décor items in any room. When entertaining friends, the Infinity and Paloma trays with handles are great as bar trays for your collection of liquors. Our large Savanna Round Tray is always an eye-catching item to keep on a dining table. Smaller trays have purpose as decorative accents or catchalls for keys and jewelry on dresser tops. Helios and El Dorado brass trays bring a touch of elegance with refined mellow ambiance. Finally in a class of its own, Durango Top-Stitched Leather Tray is the best rustic chic man’s gift ever.

The Sierra Collection features all-wood rectangular trays handmade of acacia with stainless cupped handles. The handsome wooden trays bring a warm vibe to family room or bedside tables. The rectangular wood trays are both convenient and practical for holding reading material, drinks, snacks or your remote control as you unwind after a busy day. On a special occasion, the Sierra Rectangle Tray may be the one that brings you breakfast in bed.

Trays and platters are an integral addition to your home. They help you express your creativity in displaying food. Selecting the best ones is easier than you think. Simple, classic shapes are versatile, and stainless steel is durable, non-breakable, and easy care.  Good design is timeless. Go ahead- transform your table through the art of everyday living.