Mary Jurek Design proudly offers handcrafted stainless steel utensil sets for casual gatherings, formal events, and everything in between. High-quality utensils make any dining experience much more special for guests and hosts. Our flatware boasts timeless, thoughtful designs that feel and look fantastic. These sets make wonderful gifts for the entertainer or chef in your life, or treat yourself to elevated tableware that will provide a lifetime of joy!

Mirror Finish Serving Utensil Sets

Our products are handmade out of stainless steel by highly skilled artisans who use traditional, time-tested techniques. We use stainless steel for multiple reasons. It’s truly beautiful, and the anti-corrosive lustrous finish will continue to look stunning throughout the piece’s 100-year life cycle with no polishing required. Stainless steel is durable, dishwasher-safe, and food-safe. It’s also recyclable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Besides delivering an unmatched level of quality, we offer elegant designs for all tastes. Whether you prefer bold, geometric shapes or clean, sleek minimalism, we have a set for you.

Select utensils designed for specific applications, such as serving utensil sets for your cheese plates, salads, condiments, or cocktail accompaniments. Finish the spread with complementary bowls and serving trays and platters. Year after year, your serveware, tableware, and flatware will be part of the memories you make with the people you hold dear. So, choose wisely!

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We believe the basics don’t have to be boring. Using high-quality everyday essentials enhances your overall quality of life. And because these heirloom stainless steel utensil sets are made to last, they’re an economical choice too. Our products don’t just please the eye; they have a great heft and hand feel you’ll appreciate with every use.

Mary Jurek Design is committed to environmentally and socially responsible business practices. Choose serving utensil sets made with love and respect. Discover fine pieces suitable for any setting. Match your utensils to your contemporary, traditional, or minimalist decor. Before placing your order, sign up for our newsletter for a 10% discount, and be sure to take advantage of free shipping on purchases over $50.

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