Elegance and functionality converge in Mary Jurek Design’s salad serving sets. Handcrafted from the finest stainless steel, our exquisite salad sets bring a timeless sophistication to your table. Elevate your meals and captivate your guests with chic stainless steel salad servers that enhance every dining occasion.

Handcrafted Salad Serving Sets

A must-have for any discerning host, our stylish salad sets are the epitome of dining elegance. Each piece represents exquisite craftsmanship, handcrafted by highly skilled artisans dedicated to transforming high-grade stainless steel into elegant, timeless artwork. These sets are not just serving tools, but heirloom pieces designed to be passed down through generations.

From the balanced heft in your hand to the lustrous surface that catches the light, every detail of our stainless steel salad servers exudes refinement and class. The durable stainless steel ensures rust resistance and an enduring shine. With a lifecycle of 100 years, these salad serving sets will bring grace to your table for years to come.

Shop Eco-Friendly Serveware

Beyond our high-quality salad sets, Mary Jurek Design makes luxury bowls, barware, and trays and platters for anyone who loves entertaining and hosting. After choosing your stainless steel salad servers, complete your tablescape. Browse our collections to find unique designs that transcend trends and complement every setting.
We’re passionate about designing products that will become heirloom pieces. Not only does this result in more satisfied customers, but the stainless steel construction is sustainable and helps keep paper and plastic out of landfills. Wash and reuse our salad serving sets for years to come. Shop eco-friendly serveware that looks good on your table and does good for the environment.


How should I wash salad sets?

All our products that are made solely from stainless steel are dishwasher-safe. If a product features other materials, such as wood, ivory resin, or naturally shed buffalo horn, it should be washed by hand.

Where can I find environmentally friendly serveware?

Right here at Mary Jurek Design! Our salad serving set is made from responsibly sourced materials and aligns with our commitment to being an environmentally and socially responsible brand. We use sustainable and recyclable materials, so you can own eco-friendly essentials that fit your values.

Will stainless steel salad servers rust?

We use food-grade 18/8 stainless steel that’s anti-corrosive, as well as durable, heat resistant, and hygienic. Mary Jurek Design products are made to resist all types of corrosion and provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Do stainless steel utensils need to be polished?

Check with the utensil’s manufacturer if you’re not sure. All our stainless steel products will retain their lustrous or mirror finishes with no polishing necessary. If you want to remove any fingerprints or slight discolorations from your salad serving set, use a soft cloth and stainless steel polish.

What does 18/8 mean for stainless steel?

Stainless steel contains other alloys. 18/8 means the steel is made with 18% chromium and 8% nickel—the ideal blend for flatware and serveware.

How long do stainless steel utensils last?

Our heirloom-quality salad sets boast a life cycle of 100 years. However, not all stainless steel products have the same guarantee. Invest in quality essentials that won’t need to be replaced unless you accidentally misplace them.

Are all stainless steel utensils handmade?

No. While master artisans make each Mary Jurek Design salad serving set by hand, most other manufacturers use machinery to mass-produce their utensils. We’re passionate about our craft, and using traditional handcrafting techniques ensures that every product meets our standards for quality and eye appeal.

Are stainless steel salad servers heavy?

That depends on the manufacturer. Our products have a very pleasing heft and handfeel. The weight, combined with ergonomic designs and strategically placed accents, make our salad servers a joy to wield.

Should I choose salad tongs or a fork and spoon set?

Both types of salad servers serve the same purpose, so it’s a matter of preference. Some people prefer the control and firm grasp of tongs, while others enjoy the looser feel of a salad serving set. A fork and spoon set is quite useful for tossing the salad before serving. Tongs are also quite handy for flipping steaks and grasping hot foods.

Should I use salad tongs or a fork and spoon set for a formal dinner?

Generally, a fork and spoon set is viewed as the more formal of the two salad serving options. However, a pair of tongs by Mary Jurek Design would certainly fit right in on an upscale table.

Do salad servers make a good gift?

Absolutely! Many people don’t own salad sets, and even if they do, there’s a very high chance that the set they own isn’t a handcrafted work of functional art. Salad servers are often overlooked in the kitchen, so a high-end salad serving set is a wonderful gift choice, especially for someone who loves salads!