Stainless steel ice buckets bring beauty and functionality to any tablescape. Our elegant ice buckets are handcrafted from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, and some pieces incorporate other luxe materials, such as hand-cast resin, responsibly sourced acacia wood, and naturally shed buffalo horn. Discover high-end ice buckets that elevate your home bar’s décor.

Stainless Steel Ice Buckets With Timeless Designs

While ice buckets are inherently utilitarian accessories, they can be quite beautiful showpieces to display with pride. Ours are individually handmade by master artisans — each ice bucket is a unique work of art worthy of the most prestigious collections. Own barware essentials that are always in style, even as fleeting trends come and go.

If you’ve ever run out of ice during a get-together, you know how important these all-too-often overlooked accessories really are! Rather than put the festivities on hold, keep ice buckets full so every drink is served at the perfect temperature. Additionally, guests really appreciate having ice accessible so they don’t have to rummage through the host’s freezer.

Stainless steel ice buckets aren’t only for parties. Having ice handy really adds a luxurious air to every drink you make. After all, mixing, blending, or stirring a cocktail is a ritual that deserves to be elevated and celebrated. Treat yourself to elegant ice buckets that enhance your routine, and in turn, your lifestyle.

Browse More Upscale Barware

We make everything you need to put together a world-class wet bar with all the fixings. Our curated collection of barware includes some great ice scoops that would make superb companion pieces for your ice buckets. Shop all our high-quality serveware for more versatile basics for modern, minimalist, and traditional homes.

Beyond their exquisite quality and enduring eye appeal, these stainless steel ice buckets are made with eco-friendly materials. They’re easy to care for — wash 100% stainless steel pieces in the dishwasher, and ice buckets with other materials by hand. No polishing is necessary to maintain their gorgeous finishes.

Invest in an ice bucket with a life cycle of 100 years. Own an heirloom you can fill with beautiful memories and pass down to your kin. Purchases over $100 include complimentary shipping, and signing up for our newsletter will earn you a 10% discount. Little details can make a big impact in your presentation. Turn any ordinary occasion into an extraordinary celebration with stainless steel ice buckets by Mary Jurek Design.