We recently went over the must-haves items needed when starting your home bar, and by now you may want to start expanding it. The best next step is to get a bar set into your collection. These sets are known to include a combination of intricate tools for cocktail making as well as a basic or two. You can never have too many of the essentials.

  1. Jigger – The start of any good cocktail is knowing the amount of alcohol, and the jigger lets you measure that. While the name may be funny-sounding there’s an interesting history behind it, but that’s for another time. The jigger comes with two shot sizes, the smaller holds 0.75oz while the larger one holds 1.5oz of liquor. 
  2. Bottle opener – If you read our Essentials for Every Home Bar you know that a bottle opener is a must-have. You can keep one in your kitchen and one in your home bar! No more searching for a bottle opener at the last minute.
  3. Stirring spoon – While James Bond might prefer his drink shaken not stirred, it’s always good to keep a stirring spoon on hand and ready to go. 
  4. Cocktail strainer – For those who do prefer their drinks shaken, a good strainer is a must. This prevents the ice from a cocktail shaker to be poured into the serving glass. Tip: pour new ice into the drink after mixing.

This bar set is the best addition to your home bar as it’s stylish, useful, and easy to clean. Visit our website and check out the Cosmo Bar Set and other barware