Planning a Valentine’s Day table setting for two? Your sweetheart deserves only the best, so you’ve done well to come here! We’re passionate designers who are always happy to share our expertise with anyone who could use a helping hand in creating an unforgettable tablescape.

Setting a holiday table is worth doing right. Taking the time to enhance your presentation will make the occasion so much more special—an absolute must on Valentine’s Day! 

This amorous holiday is all about pulling out the stops and showing your appreciation for the person you hold dear. V-Day only comes around once a year, so why not go all out?

Make sure Cupid’s arrow hits the mark with these five lovely Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas!

1. Embrace a Traditional V-Day Theme

The pink orchid heart tray from the Symphony collection

For a classic look that exudes timeless Valentine’s Day appeal, decorate your table with heart shapes and splashes of red, pink, and purple accents. 

Start with a pristine white tablecloth. Add some shine with stainless steel tableware and flatware, then tie it all together with charming serveware from our Symphony collection. These stunning scarlet and orchid pieces are just begging to elevate your Valentine’s Day aesthetic!

With this approach, your lucky date will immediately recognize the effort you put into the spread, leaving no doubt that this is far from an everyday dining experience—it’s a Valentine’s Day soirée through and through!

Be discerning with these archetypal Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas. This Valentine’s Day table-setting for two can quickly turn from iconic to cliche if you’re not careful. Use only luxurious, high-quality pieces to maintain an air of elegance while still embracing quintessential Valentine’s Day décor.

2. Create a Cozy, Rustic Feel

A table with a cake served on a tray from the Gingko collection

Adorning your table with pieces made from natural materials such as wood and leather can create a bucolic atmosphere that’s comfortable and homey without compromising class. 

Our Sierra and Gingko collections will provide inspiration for wooden items if you decide to follow this path. Explore our Durango collection for upscale leather goods that further enhance the table’s rustic charm.

For even more distinctive Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas, consider serveware and utensils handcrafted with naturally-shed buffalo horn. Our Orion collection offers some fascinating conversation pieces that anyone with an eye for unique décor will surely appreciate.

Consider contrasting the deep, rich tones with fresh blooms placed in one of our high-end pitchers. This thoughtful touch will bring freshness, lightness, color, and elegance to the occasion. Finish the nature-kissed spread with candlelight.

3. Flaunt Your Unique Design Taste

A table with flowers, snacks, drinks, and utensils from the Ibiza collection

While a minimalist Valentine’s Day table setting for two can certainly work when done with care, using captivating table décor is a great way to keep the conversation flowing, especially if you’re still getting to know your Valentine.

As you brainstorm Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. An intimate, one-on-one meal is the perfect opportunity to really open up and show your dining partner what makes your heart tick.

Our Ibiza collection boasts eye-catching geometric tableware that gives any table a modern, artistic feel. Our Helyx collection features a knot motif that offers both visual appeal and a pleasant handfeel.

Consider the textured, black nickel-plated pieces from our Northstar collection for a sleek, understated aesthetic—these pieces juxtapose beautifully with the arctic white tableware from our Tundra collection. Add some extra flavor with pieces from our Colored Metals collection.

4. Delight Your Date with Decadence

An ornate table with flowers, wine, and serveware from the Helios collection

If you’re seeking impressive Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas, consider taking inspiration from Hollywood Regency design. Lavish and luxurious, staple elements include ample amounts of gold décor, extreme contrasting pieces, rich layers, and theatrical, glamorous statement pieces.

An extravagant Valentine’s Day table setting for two that oozes opulent grandeur will be remembered and talked about fondly for many Valentine’s Days to come—the hard part is outdoing yourself year after year!

Gold pieces are the hallmark of this style, so browse our Helios collection to find high-end tableware and serveware that brings boldness and fanciness without crossing into tacky territories. If you’re going with gold, quality pieces are crucial!

This is another one of those Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas that really requires upscale items to work. When done right, the look is absolutely stunning. When implemented poorly, it can come off as cheesy or pretentious.

5. Woo with Whimsy

A Valentine table setting with products from the Butterfly collection

Pairing playful décor with traditional pieces will lift the spirits while still evoking a sense of sophistication worthy of the holiday. 

Now, there’s a big difference between playful and silly. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with letting your sense of humor come through in your decorating, but we recommend keeping the table classy.

Our Butterfly and Animal collections offer the perfect blend of whimsical and tasteful. Elegant products such as those found in our Blossom and Paloma collections make the table feel especially refined.

Find More Inspiration for Your Table

If you adore these Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas, continue reading our tableware blog for more expert tips and suggestions on hosting, decorating, and so much more.

These suggestions for creating a beautiful Valentine’s Day table setting for two are just that—suggestions! Feel free to borrow bits and pieces from them to create something that really fits your personality, space, and beloved guest’s preferences.

Great design starts with great products, so shop our stainless steel tableware now before the big day comes. Once you have a solid collection of upscale basics to work with, you’ll find that coming up with stylish Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas becomes an effortless and enjoyable task.

Let Love Be Your Guide

Your V-Day table’s presentation matters, but try not to let the pre-holiday jitters get the best of you! Spending time with your sweetheart (or sweetheart-to-be) is what the day’s really all about. 

Prepare (or order) some tasty treats, treat your Valentine like royalty, and give a thoughtful gift—that’s all you really need to deliver a magical experience. Everything after that is just icing on the cake. 

The simple fact that you’re seeking out decorating ideas says a lot. That means you genuinely want to make this Valentine’s Day wonderful for someone you care about. 

As you brainstorm Valentine’s Day table-setting ideas, let love take the reins. Your sincere, caring nature will come through as you plan a Valentine’s Day table setting for two. Shop at Mary Jurek Design now, and discover elegant pieces to put the finishing touch on the celebration!

Author Mary Jurek

Mary Jurek is the founder of Mary Jurek Design, a luxury serveware brand. She started her career in the jewelry industry, designing for notable brands such as Piaget Watch, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier. After receiving four international awards for her work, she was inspired to step out on her own. Her experience working with luxury jewelry firms led her to establish Mary Jurek Design Inc in 1997. She lives in Los Angeles and loves the arts, entertaining friends and family, gardening, and all things that make a home comfortable and inviting.