We were recently introduced to giving plates, and we can’t believe we went so long without being part of this beautiful tradition. If you have also never heard of this, let us fill you in on how this works.

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First, the giving plate is a tradition between friends or family that encourages people to pay it forward by passing along a plate filled with food. The plate can be kept within a group or simply be passed on to the next dinner host. The point is to share some delicious food and goodwill, something we all need especially during the upcoming holiday. 

If you want to join us and take part in this heartwarming custom all you need is a plate. Many people like to add their name and date to keep track of everyone who’s had it; others like to add a poem or quote. However, neither of those are necessary and you can simply choose a regular plate.

We can’t wait to start this heartwarming tradition! We already have an eye on a few plates we think would be perfect for this new custom. Let us know if you’ll be participating?