About Our Designer Stainless Steel Pitchers

Set your table on a high note with one of Mary Jurek’s modern hand-hammered stainless steel pitchers. Whether hosting a big holiday gathering, a backyard barbeque or simply enjoying a pizza night with family, a full-bodied pitcher is an essential basic for any sit-down meal. Constantly running back and forth filling up empty glasses with drinking water from the sink or fridge can be annoying. Mealtime should be relaxing and hassle-free, a break in your day for nourishment and rejuvenation. Having a beautiful shiny pitcher within reach to serve water, iced tea, and other beverages will keep everyone well hydrated and you buckled in.

Our Mary Jurek designer pitchers are must-have customer favorites. Each piece is meticulously crafted of anti-corrosive, no polishing, dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel. Highly-skilled artisans hand-hammer the lustrous metal into modern classic forms. With artistic integrity and exacting attention to detail, they create pieces of exceptional quality standards for you. Our innovative designs are functional, enduringly beautiful, and sustainable- perfect for today’s lifestyle trend. The Helyx Water Pitcher with its iconic knotted handle has been a modernist best-seller for more than 15 years.

Pitchers are so stylish and sophisticated that you will be crushing it as an expert in home décor among your friends. With graceful form and contour, a pitcher makes a strong design statement on its own. It is taller than other things and will always attract more attention. You’ll be proud to keep one on permanent display as a centerpiece to dress up your table. Customers enjoy the versatility of our robust Mirabel Water Carafe so much. They love to use it as a beautiful silvery flower vase filled with showy fresh blossoms for special occasions.

Put your Mary Jurek pitcher in the fridge while you are prepping your meal; it will be super chilled by the time dinner is served with no need for ice. Stainless is a great insulator and retains temperatures longer than other materials. Another benefit is our acid-resistant, non-corrosive steel allows you to serve orange juice, thirst-quenching lemonade, or margarita mix without concern. There is no acidic reaction or after-taste from chemicals leaching into the liquid with stainless steel. It is hygienic and food-safe. As a time-saving tip, mix up Blood Marys or frozen big-batched cocktails in a large pitcher or carafe for your next party. Cuts down on having to prepare each guest’s drink individually and leaves more time to join the fun with your friends.

Pitchers are useful all year long. Having more than a couple of extras on hand is simply essential for the frequent party host. Serving beverages in a good-looking non-breakable vessel will up your game and makes the table more attractive and festive. Our mid-century Sierra Water Pitcher has a cool-yet-elevated style with its bold, hand-cut acacia wood handle. Simple, straightforward craftsmanship at its best. Its style is perfectly suited to your man’s hideaway home bar.

Our modernist aesthetic blends seamlessly with all home décor items from traditional, and rustic to modern. We like to add unique accents to our product offerings to make them stand out.  Our Tundra Collection does just that by featuring hand-cast resin with a chiseled texture. The Tundra Pitcher has a long white resin handle. It appeals to customers who go for a strong, bold look and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.  It is stately and masculine.

The outstanding benefits of stainless steel drive our mission to offer practical, well-designed tableware products to you for a lifetime of use; blending form + function. It is our metal of choice as we believe it outperforms all others for food safety and durability. The strength of stainless prevents bacterial growth and it is 100% recyclable. As a green product, stainless steel responds to our social awareness and urgent need to protect the environment.

Included among our beverage serving pitchers are items of more diminutive scale; jugs, creamers, and sauce boats. These small spouted pitchers hold juice, gravy, cream, condiments, salad dressings, syrups, and other liquid concoctions from the kitchen to the table. On a holiday table, you expect to find a gravy boat for serving turkey gravy, but they have so many other everyday uses in between.

Our Omega Jug is the perfect size as a breakfast milk pitcher for your healthy bowl of granola and fruit. Use it on the dinner table for homemade pasta sauces or salad dressings with its easy-grip handle to please your guests who need a little extra to top things off. Any Mary Jurek pitcher, big or small will be an excellent addition to your household for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

Enjoy at-home entertaining with our eco-friendly handmade designer collection.