At Mary Jurek Design, we offer a wide variety of unique Mother’s Day gifts for friends who deserve something extra special this year. We’ve been handcrafting heirloom-quality, luxury serveware for over 22 years—each and every piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

When Mother’s Day rolls around, naturally finding a meaningful present for your own mom is the first priority. But don’t forget about the other mama bears in your life, too! 

Your mommy-besties will be so happy to be remembered and celebrated, especially new moms whose kids aren’t yet old enough to properly show their appreciation.

You don’t need a reason to do something sweet for the people you hold dear, but why not jump at the opportunity? Any of these Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends will provide a lifetime of joy.

1. Decorative Bowls

Stainless steel serving bowls from the Butterfly collection

Home décor is a gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday has come and gone. Our beautiful bowls aren’t only for the table—they can be repurposed as stylish decorations, too.

You can really get creative with this present. For example, if your mom friend loves spending time at the beach, you could fill a bowl with coastal items, like seashells, sea glass, and driftwood.

For the lady who enjoys all things rustic and rural, you could use dried berries, miniature pinecones, and polished stones.

If you’re brainstorming Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who are fond of antiquing, a lovely bowl filled with vintage knick-knacks like marbles, dice, and buttons would surely capture her fancy. The possibilities are endless!

2. Bottle Service

The Durango wine tote next to a vase of flowers

Shopping for unique Mother’s Day gifts for friends who think wine is divine? Treat her to a nice bottle in a gorgeous leather wine tote from our Durango collection. 

Handcrafted from responsibly sourced leather and high-grade stainless steel, these versatile totes are equally suitable for bringing wine to get-togethers or storing bottles at home.

You could also celebrate Mother’s Day with a bottle of bubbly! The bottle chiller from our Butterfly collection would make a delightful companion gift to a nice bottle of Champagne.

3. Bouquet of Blooms

Mary Jurek Design’s Mirabel Water Beaker

Fresh flowers make great Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends, but they’re temporary. Instead of a lone bouquet, fill one of our high-end pitchers with flowers. Many of our customers purchase them specifically to be used as vases.

With its leaf motif handle, the pitcher from our nature-inspired Ginkgo collection would be a natural fit for holding flowers. Or, the pitcher from our Tundra collection has an elongated design that would complement flowers with long stems, like roses, lilies, or sunflowers.

4. Stylish Coasters

Mary Jurek Design’s Ginkgo Wood Bottle Coaster

High-quality coasters make fantastic gifts because they’re so useful. But many people don’t realize their importance until it’s too late, and their coffee table has ring stains!

If you’re searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who host parties, some classy coasters are sure to please. Besides being practical, they really bring a touch of elegance to get-togethers.

A coaster set from our Kenya collection would make delightfully unique Mother’s Day gifts for friends with an eye for distinctive design. The stainless steel coasters are embossed with a crocodile pattern, and their holder is hand-carved from rich, dark acacia wood.

5. Snacks and Movies Night

The Ibiza cheese tray and cheese knife with various accouterments

Any excuse to take a night off from momming and enjoy some treats and flicks is a good one! As you ponder Mother’s Day gift ideas for your friends, consider giving them a fun experience that comes with a keepsake. 

For busy moms, sometimes a relaxing night in is the best gift of all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give her a physical foodie gift, too! Serve up some hors d’ouvres on high-quality serveware, and let her keep it so you’re both ready for the next movie night. Make it a tradition!

You could put together a spread of cheese and crackers using the matching cheese tray and cheese set from our Ibiza collection. Or, pair one of the wooden trays from our Sierra collection with a buffalo horn-adorned cheese set from our Orion collection.

6. Cream and Sugar Set

The Helyx cream and sugar set

Need a little help choosing Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who are coffee connoisseurs? 

The scalloped cream and sugar set from our Silhouette collection would make her morning ritual so special. The design is inspired by the French Arts Décoratifs design movement of the 1920s and ‘30s—perfect for mom friends with exquisite taste.

Or, if you’re seeking exceptionally unique Mother’s Day gifts for your friends, consider the cream and sugar set from our Helyx collection. It features our signature knot motif that represents the unbreakable bond you share.

7. Matching Ice Bucket and Scoop

Mary Jurek Design’s Helyx Ice Bucket and Scoop

If you’re shopping for someone who sips spirits, you can’t go wrong with high-quality barware. Even if you’re coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who already have their own wet bar at home, our heirloom pieces will elevate their collection.

We have so many different home bar gifts that impress! Our matching ice buckets and ice scoops are super popular presents.

Beyond their practicality, our ice buckets and scoops boast artistic designs that will enhance her home bar’s presentation. And, she won’t have to take a trip to the freezer every time she wants to enjoy a refreshing cocktail.

8. Animal-Themed Homeware

The beluga caviar server with caviar hors d'oeuvres

If your mom friend adores wildlife, consider a piece from our Animal collection. A bunny rabbit ice cream holder, beluga caviar server, or robin napkin ring are all fun Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who enjoy fascinating creatures and whimsical designs.

9. Catchall for Odds and Ends

Mary Jurek Design’s Durango Black Leather Oval Tray w/ Ring Handle

Sometimes, the most thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gifts for friends are functional items that make her life a little easier. It’s no secret that being a mom is hard work, and staying organized can be difficult! 

We make stylish trays and platters that double as convenient catchalls for keys, phones, makeup, jewelry, and all sorts of other odds and ends that are easy to misplace.

A brass-plated tray from our El Dorado collection will give her space a bold dash of shimmering glamor. Or, consider a leather tray from our Durango collection to match her wine tote!

10. Classy Paperweight

The Omega paperweight on a modern desk

Need Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who work as hard in the office as they do at home? A luxurious paperweight from our Omega collection would make a gorgeous addition to her modern desk.

Sleek and chic, this paperweight is meticulously handcrafted from responsibly sourced black leather with a heavy metal ring strapped to the top. Besides keeping her documents in place, the paperweight will bring a smile to her face every time she sees it.

11. Salt and Pepper Shaker

Mary Jurek Design’s Northstar Salt & Pepper Set

Spice up her life with a nice salt and pepper shaker set! They’re essential fixtures on every table, and ours are conversation pieces that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Some of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends are simply better versions of items they already own!

Choose a set from our Paloma collection for the mom friend who prefers minimalist design. Or, the set from our Northstar collection would fit right in with an ultra-modern interior design style.

Explore Our Collections for More Inspiration

These unique Mother’s Day gifts for friends are just a small taste of what we bring to the table! Shop all our products to discover even more meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas for friends who appreciate timeless pieces and handcrafted quality that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re still not sure what to get for her, feel free to get in touch! With over two decades of experience, we can provide a personalized recommendation for the mom friend in your life. You can also find more ideas in our blog.

Everything we sell is lovingly handcrafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, so you really can’t miss! Browse our selection, and make this Mother’s Day unforgettable for your mom friend—she deserves it!

Author Mary Jurek

Mary Jurek is the founder of Mary Jurek Design, a luxury serveware brand. She started her career in the jewelry industry, designing for notable brands such as Piaget Watch, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier. After receiving four international awards for her work, she was inspired to step out on her own. Her experience working with luxury jewelry firms led her to establish Mary Jurek Design Inc in 1997. She lives in Los Angeles and loves the arts, entertaining friends and family, gardening, and all things that make a home comfortable and inviting.