When you think of the Fourth of July, a few things probably come to mind: fireworks, hot dogs, and American flag fashion statements being among them. Who could blame you? July 4th is one of the most festive holidays of the year. The weather is warm, calendars are full of fun events, and everyone seems to be in a sunny state of mind—and for good reason. We have a lot to celebrate.

Every Fourth of July, the U.S. comes together to celebrate our freedom, our country’s heritage, and what it means to be an American—with food, fireworks, and red-white-and-blue flair. We at Mary Jurek Design will take any opportunity to embrace a good cookout or get-together, but we also hold a special place in our hearts for the values our country was founded on, and we love to reflect on them as we enjoy the festivities of the fourth. Read on for a bit about how Mary Jurek Design observes the holiday, and how we echo those values in everything we create.


There are endless ways to interpret what it means to be an American, but one thing is certain: We live in an extremely fortunate country, and that’s something to be grateful for year-round. The team at Mary Jurek Design likes to take a moment on this day—before the beer flows, the festivities begin, and the fireworks paint the sky—and reflect on the liberties and opportunities we inherit simply for living in this country. We have a lot to be thankful for, after all. 


As an American small business, we feel compelled to uphold the principles that have allowed us to be here in the first place: respect for our fellow humans and for the land we’re built on. Our design philosophy stems from many different values, but there are a few that come up over and over again in our process: appreciation, mindfulness, and responsibility. When we design, we do so with an eye toward function and aesthetics, of course, but also toward sustainability and social responsibility. We feel it’s a privilege to do the work we do, much in the way it’s a privilege to live in the U.S. And we create our products to reflect that.


At Mary Jurek Design, we believe that life is a lot sweeter surrounded by loved ones. It’s why so many of our designs are inspired by gathering—from family-style dishes to serveware that’s made for entertaining, to everything you need to make the perfect cocktail. This Fourth of July, we hope you’re able to gather with friends and family, spend some time outdoors, and enjoy delicious food and drink—whether you cook inside or grill outdoors. If you need some Independence Day food inspiration, check out some of our top picks here. And if you do head outside to do some grilling, don’t forget:

  • Safety first!
  • Be sure to check for gas leaks
  • Open the grill’s lid before lighting it
  • Never leave a grill unattended
  • And always keep a spray bottle and fire extinguisher nearby.

Mary Jurek Design wishes you a safe and happy Fourth of July!

Author Dani Cramer

Dani Cramer is a writer and editor based in Southern California. When she isn't perfecting clients' masterpieces or working on her own, you can find her trying new recipes, hosting at her apartment, or bingeing the latest bestseller.