Pitchers are what we like to call everyday essentials. These are items that can have more than one purpose, are easy to clean, and can be used daily. Among these are pitchers, they can be kept in the fridge with cold water or can become the centerpiece on a dining table. Many of them can also be used as vases and brighten up a room with a bouquet of flowers.

We’ve collected a few of our favorite pitchers below, give them a look and find the perfect one for you.

Sierra Pitcher

HS 009- Sierra Pitcher w/ Wood Handle

This hand-crafted pitcher comes with an acacia wooden handle, a signature of our Sierra collection. Its warm tones can complement any tableware items or decor on your dinner table.

Helyx Pitcher

HLX 012 - Helyx Water Pitcher With Knot

Simple and elegant are the perfect words to describe this pitcher. Its stainless steel design allows beverages to remain cold and there’s no worry about stains or retained odors. This pitcher is the best match for entertaining, keeping your favorite drink nice and cold.

Mirabel Water Beaker

HMB 001 - Mirabel Beaker

When it comes to versatility the Mirabel Water Beaker is our go-to. It can easily hold a bouquet of flowers or chill your favorite drink. While this hand-hammered pitcher has no handle it is still easy to carry thanks to its narrow neck.

Helios Gold-Tone Water Carafe

Helios Gold Tone Metal Water Pitcher 9½" H

This gold-toned pitcher is our favorite to use as a vase. Its textured neck and base bring design and utility together, as this makes it easy to handle. The brass plating on the outside gives it a warm glow while ensuring no tarnishing.

Which pitcher will you be adding to your dinner table?