Autumn Harvest

Out with the hot days, long nights, barbeques, and beach chairs. In with the autumn leaves, brisk evenings, fireside meals, and cozy gatherings. Happy First Day of Fall! For some, autumn means it’s time to run out and order a pumpkin spice latte. For us, it’s the start of the holiday hosting season. If you’re fall fanatics like we are, you’re probably already pulling out stashed away décor. And when you’re ready you may want to add a few elegant designs for autumn holidays. For a new look, we’ve got just the thing. Keep reading for some of our favorite fall design tips, recipes, and serving pieces.

Setting the Table

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas—oh my! Fall and winter holidays are right around the corner. If you’re low on time to prep your home for the holidays, no worries. A curated table setting is one of the easiest ways warm your space and welcome guests. You can never go wrong with a harvest centerpiece. For a sophisticated DIY version, try gathering foliage from your own backyard. Dried florals will come back stronger than ever this season. For the finishing touches, Mary Jurek Design features handcrafted hostess sets. Each item blends with any seasonal table setting. A great way to add elegant designs to your autumn holidays. They’re guaranteed to last for many, many dinner parties and holidays to come.

Planning the Menu

If you’re looking to bring a touch of brightness to your first fall gathering, try a roasted vegetable salad like this one, topped with savory, citrusy chimichurri sauce. To serve, consider the El Dorado Salad Set. This functional two-piece set pairs just as well with warm autumn flavors as it does a fresh summer salad—and it’s a good thing because you’ll want to use this timeless stainless steel set all year round.

Serving Accessories-Serve in Style

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the main event on any autumn holiday dinner table. When your turkey, roast, or ham needs carving, reach for the El Dorado Meat Fork. Sturdy and sophisticated, this stylish stainless-steel serving tool won’t bend or warp (even if your meat doesn’t come out quite as tender as you’d hoped). Plus, it’ll look so good on the dinner table, that it might even steal the show.

Finally, as you prepare for the fall gatherings to come, take a deep breath and remember: No holiday gathering is perfect. Our hope is that your holidays are full of good food and good company and that our hostess sets make your life just a little easier.

Happy Autumn, from the Mary Jurek Design team!

Author Dani Cramer

Dani Cramer is a writer and editor based in Southern California. When she isn't perfecting clients' masterpieces or working on her own, you can find her trying new recipes, hosting at her apartment, or bingeing the latest bestseller.